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Mr. Lv Songxian andMr. Shao Chuanyong (famous film actors from Hong Kong)

On March 12th, the Tree Planting Day, The International Fur Free Chinese Committee and ACTAsia teamed up with GREEN & Gorgeous, China’s leading healthy beauty & lifestyle platform, to host the 2016 Fur Free Fashion Gala. For the first time held in Shanghai, the fashion capital of China, the event gathered 17 brands from 8 countries and over 300 guests participated.
Among the guests were Consulate representatives from Poland and the UK, event partners such as Apollo and LUSH cosmetics and celebrities including Jackie Lui from Hong Kong and Eric Lee from Taiwan. The gala was hosted by the well-known TV host & actor Steven Weathers, Miss Macau Laura Li and Miss Earth China Xingtong Mao.
出席现场的嘉宾包括英国和波兰领事馆代表、以阿波罗商务中心、LUSH为代表的活动合作商、香港著名演员吕颂贤和台湾著名演员李志奇先生等名人。著名电视节目主持人及演员Steven Weathers、澳门小姐李若滢、以及中国地球小姐毛省瞳共同担任盛典主持人。
The mission of the event is to help consumers and fashion designers better understand the repercussionsour choices have on other humans, animals and the environment and urge them to support fur free fashion as a trendy lifestyle choice. In order to promote an all-encompassing alternative ‘green’ lifestyle, a delicious 4-course plant-based dinner was prepared by Grand Hyatt Shanghai
Ms Pei F. Su, founder& CEO of ACTAsia 行动亚洲的创始人及CEO苏佩芬女士
Ms Michelle Yeh,CEO of Green & Gorgeous美乐活CEO叶美秀女士
With generous support from corporate sponsors, celebrities, artists and attended guests, a lively auction was held during the gala. A total of 530.000RMB was successfully raised enabling us to hold this fabulous event that raised so muchpublic awareness and to continue promoting Fur Free Life in the future! 盛典当晚也进行了气氛活跃的拍卖活动,在赞助公司、名人、艺术家和所有到场嘉宾的鼎力支持下,从项目筹备开始到当日的时尚盛典现场共成功筹得善款530000元,这一过程化的公众宣传方式不但为大众呈现一场盛大的零皮草时尚盛典,更将有未来零皮草宣传推广的持续。
Participating Designers/Retailers秀展单位: John Bartlett (USA), Vaute Couture (USA), Yane Mode(USA), Folk Design (Poland), Slogan (Poland), Such A Sucz (Poland),Unreal Fur (Australia),Coutume By Her (Japan), Claire (Denmark),I Lke Cop (Belgium), KatrienVan Hecke (Belgium), SMK(South Korea), Awakening (China), Genial(China),Wongvazo (China), Marchoe & Zhengxi Tang(China).
美国John Bartlett,美国VAUTE COUTURE,美国 Yane Mode,波兰Folk Design, 波兰SLOGAN,波兰Such A Sucz,澳大利亚人造皮草Unreal Fur,日本COUTUME RY HER,丹麦CLAIRE,比利时 I lkeCop,比利时Katrien Van Hecke,韩国S M K,中国AWAKENING唤觉,中国锦霓Genial,中国WONGVAZO,中国麻椒&正蹊堂等。
Celebrity participation出席名人嘉宾: Mr. Eric Lee (famous actor from Taiwan), Mr. Lv Songxian and Mr.Shao Chuanyong (famous film actors from Hong Kong) Mr. Liu Chao and Ms ZhangJiani(young actors from mainland China) also attended the event and took the fur free pledge on camera. The young oil painter Ms Mi Qiaoming, famous calligrapher Qin Jingzhang and the artist Qu Guangci also donated their works for the gala auction.
Caring for Life Awards 2015年度番石榴零皮草影响力风尚奖:Great Contribution - Ms Zhang Dan, Chinesere presentative of Fortune 500 and co-founder of Chinese Animal Protection Network & China Journalist Club for Animal Protection.Organisations - Otwarte Klatki (PolishNGO) and Tangshan Small Animal Protection Association.Great Influence - Mr. Eric Lee, ambassador of ACTAsia Fur Free Life and famous actor
Media - Investigation Band of Brothers, Tencent Public Benefit Platform, and editor-in-chief of LOHAS Ms Su De.
Best Newcomer - KK, CEO of CASSIEY – the first company in China to promote fur free life through their product instructions,and Ms Song Yao (dancer) and Ms Wu Ruijun (model). Enterprises - Beijing Door Media,Xi’an Huashang Excellent Cultural and Guiyang Faith Entertainment. Supporting Companies - Grand Hyatt Shanghai and That’s Shanghai were awarded.
特殊贡献奖:张丹(《财富》全球500强排行榜中国区代表、世界动物日大使、动保网及动保记者沙龙联合发起人) 零皮草影响力风尚星:李志奇(行动亚洲零皮草生活宣传大使、台湾著名影星) 零皮草影响力风尚新人:宁可兆kk(卡丝公司CEO)、宋瑶(舞蹈教练)、吴瑞君(平面模特) 零皮草影响力风尚媒体:河北经视第一民生《调查兄弟连》、腾讯公益平台、苏德(《乐活》杂志出版人)
零皮草影响力风尚组织:波兰Otwarte Klatki打开牢笼动物保护协会、唐山小动物保护协会 零皮草影响力风尚企业:北京通道传媒、西安华商卓越文化、贵阳信念娱乐 2016零皮草无伤害时尚盛典风尚支持单位:金茂君悦大酒店、 That’s Shanghai。
The 2016 Fur Free Fashion Gala is co-organized and supported by the following companies and organizationsas


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